Monday, March 19, 2012

On The Top Hat Shop

I designed business cards for a client. The client currently owns a t-shirt store and now has a partner that will be selling hats in his store.

Here is a draft of the business card I created, the edges will actually be cut off but here is what it looks like before print.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet 16/March Madness Flyer

I haven’t been posting much about my work on here but I am going to change that. I do so much that I can blog for days. I’ve posted one time before about a flyer I did for a client but that was quite some time ago.

So I got a rush order Thursday the 8th to do a flyer same day, even though this messed up my evening plans I like how it turned out.

The woman is in the AA program and she is “turning 16” which means she has been clean and sober for 16 years; so she is celebrating with a Sweet 16 party. They are also celebrating March Madness Birthdays and that is for everyone who is celebrating a clean and sober birth in the month of March.

I hope you like it!