Thursday, December 31, 2009

Market Your Business

Small business owners think marketing is something you just do every six months or so.
But when you market your services continuously to your target market rather than occasionally, business becomes easier. If potentials customers/clients have a positive outlook of your company and services before they make contact with you or vice versa, you’re that much closer to winning their business.
Ongoing marketing isn’t tied to price. It’s defined by putting the right message in front of the right person. Prospects will pay for quality services and products as long as the timing is good for them. This doesn’t mean that offering deals isn’t a good idea. It means you do not have to base your marketing around continuous discounts and coupons.

Some ways to market your business that won’t break the bank are:
Make your customers feel important
Create business cards that are interesting
Stop servicing non-profitable customers
Send out newsletters
Do things for charity
Blog your ideas that pertain to your business
Keep your customers coming back, keep them active

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