Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Promote Clubs, Make Money Partying

If you have an electric personality, a magnetic persona, you love the nightlife, you have a lot of creative ideas, know a ton of people and you are not afraid to speak to ANYONE you may be able to be a successful club promoter.
A club promoter is hired by a venue to market an event or night of the week and bring club goers into the venue. Club promoters save the venue time and money.
Club promoters can be paid numerous different ways. Some promoters receive a flat fee and others get paid by what comes through the door.
A promoter can make up to six figures a year. Sounds good right? Well before you jump right in, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work to become a successful promoter. I have seen numerous "promoters" crash and burn. If you are serious about becoming a promoter check out this blog, it's from an Atlanta promoter by the name of Trent Dunn. He also has a program to help an up and coming promoter. Make sure you read every blog and watch every video before you even attempt to get into the promotion business. You truly need to know what you are getting into.
Club promotion can be very profitable but make sure you do your home work and you are ready to put in a lot of work to become successful...Good Luck!

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