Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Which design is best?

I have a client that is having a Aquarius/10th Anniversay/40th Birthday Party. On side 1 of the flyer they wanted to focus on the bithday party for the CEO.

There are 2 design choices for side 1:

Design 1:
iconz junior bday 2010

Design 2:
iconz junior bday 2010-2

I think I am liking 2 a little more now. Its growing on me.

For side 2 the client wanted their logo all over the background so I created a line of logos with each logo being 10 pixels smaller than the one above it; then I used the flood tool to make it a repeating pattern with a fade of 200. I then copied the layer and flipped it

Side 2:
iconz blk wht party

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